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Who better to tutor your child for their exams than the pupils who just aced them?

All of our tutors are vetted to make sure they have achieved a top grade in the subject they teach.

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All of our Tutors have been individually vetted so you know your child is learning from the best.

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You can search through our catalogue of tutors to find a tutor who has already aced your child's exam.

Filter by subject, date graduated, and even exam board.

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Why Peer Tutoring?

At the peer tutor™ we have experienced first hand the benefits that can be gained from peer to peer tutoring.

Some of the advantages include:

  • Students are more willing to express knowledge shortfalls to someone a similar age who they can relate to.
  • Tutors have a greater empathy and understanding for which subject matter is difficult at the students age level since they recently studied it themselves.
  • Out of classroom study solidifies a students knowledge of a subject. Tutoring has been shown to equate to almost 5 months of additional classroom learning. *source: The Education Endowment Foundation
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Transparent Pricing

£15 / hour

Tuition from vetted A level students who just sat their GCSE's.

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£20 / hour

Tuition from vetted University students who just sat their A Level's.

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£25+ / hour

Tuition from tutors studying at degree level or above.
Tutors set their own rates.

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Are you a high performing student interested in helping out your peers whilst earning some money for your time?

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